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Suggested cruises from our cruiser bases in Germany

Marina Wolfsbruch

A beautiful harbour surrounded by forest, Marina-Wolfsbruch base is situated at a stunning new holiday centre, with a swimming pool, water sports, Jacuzzi, sauna and many other amenities including restaurants, bars and shops.


Jabel is a quiet and peaceful village in the Mecklenburg Lake District, close to Lake Muritz and medieval villages such as Plau and Waren


Potsdam is an important and dynamic city with many historic connections and close to Germany's capital Berlin. Most cruises from this base require the skipper to have a licence.

Rheinsberg Castle

Licence-free Boating Routes

Marina Wolfsbruch - Jabel (or vice versa)
Short Break One Way • 3 Days • 65km • 4 Locks • 16hrs (Licence-free)
View Marina Wolfsbruch to Jabel short-break one-way boating route in Google Maps

Travelling through the intricate network of waterways in Mecklenburg is the focal point of this Short Break boating holiday. Lift a pint of German beer in a waterfront café in Mirow, browse the shops in Waren and enjoy watersports on Lake Müritz. The natural beauty of the region is famous throughout Europe, making it a popular holiday destination for families.

Marina Wolfsbruch - Mirow - Lychen - Marina Wolfsbruch
Return Trip • 1 Week • 256km • 30 Locks • 37hrs (Licence-free)
View Marina Wolfsbruch, Mirow , Lychen one-week boating route in Google Maps

Tree-clad shores, birds of prey, and teeming fish make you feel in touch with nature as you cruise in Mecklenburg, home of the Müritz National Park with its trekking trails and fabulous views. Enjoy watersports, swimming and activities at the resorts.

Marina Wolfsbruch - Plau (Mecklenburg) - Marina Wolfsbruch
Return Trip • 1 Week • 215km • 8 Locks • 36hrs (Licence-free)
View Marina Wolfsbruch to Plau one-week boating route in Google Maps

The Brandenburg and Mecklenburg regions are holiday playgrounds in Germany with clean waterways winding through protected nature reserves. Enjoy watersports on Lake Müritz and the resort amenities of Marina Wolfsbruch, then explore mediaeval towns and castles on this varied boating route.

Jabel - Rheinsberg - Jabel (or vice versa)
Return Trip • 1 Week • 229km • 8 Locks • 2 Bridges • 34hrs (Licence-free)

It’s the land of 1,000 lakes, and the reason why is obvious as you follow the connecting waters to enjoy a delightful blend of culture, history, upscale shopping, fine dining and unparalleled natural beauty. The bustle of lively Waren stands in contrast to laid-back 13th-century Plau, but both represent distinct charms of Germany boating holidays.

Cruising the German lakes

Licence-required Boating Routes

A boating licence is required if you would like to navigate the waters around Berlin and Potsdam. A pilot can be hired who will guide you from Potsdam to Liebenwalde or vice versa, from there you can navigate on your own to Marina Wolfsbruch. You can also use a pilot to navigate the waterways around the Spreewald.

Potsdam - Göttin - Potsdam
Short Break Return Trip • 3 Days • 80km • 0 Locks • 15hrs
(Licence or Skipper Needed)

View Potsdam - Göttin short break boating route in Google Maps

The waters of the Havel River flow past ancient Potsdam, a UNESCO World Heritage site and often called Berlin’s little sister.

Marina Wolfsbruch - Potsdam (or vice versa)
One Way • 1 Week • 151km • 13 Locks • 20hrs (Licence or Skipper Needed)
View Marina Wolfsbruch to Potsdam one-way boating route in Google Maps

The delights of Mecklenburg — watersports, fishing, cycling and trekking — give way to the urban pleasures of Brandenburg. Take advantage of public transport to journey from Potsdam to sightsee in Berlin. The city boasts more than 150 museums and historic sites, upscale shops, fine dining and lively nightlife.

Potsdam - Bad Saarrow - Potsdam
Return Trip • 1 Week • 250km • 12 Locks • 2 Bridges • 40hrs
(Licence or Skipper Needed)

View Potsdam to Bad Saarrow one-week boating route in Google Maps

The Spreewald Nature Reserve covers approximately 480 square miles and has more than 300 canals lacing low marshes that are home to myriad species of wildlife. It feels a whole world away from city life.

Potsdam - Plaue - Potsdam
Return Trip • 1 Week • 130km • 2 Locks • 17hrs (Licence or Skipper Needed)
View Potsdam to Plaue one-week boating route in Google Maps

Nearly a third of Brandenburg is designated nature reserves with 15 protected areas teeming with wildlife in marshes and forests. The region is dotted with more than 3,000 lakes studded with mediaeval castles and towns.

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