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Highlights of Holland Boating Holidays

  • Amsterdam, the famous cosmopolitan city noted for its canals and tulips
  • One-way trips between our bases
  • Lake Ijssel and lakeside towns with watersports and dishing
  • Friesland region - seaside, countryside and maritime history
  • Flat lands suitable for cycling
  • Historic towns such Dokkum, Leeuwarden, Stavoren and Sloten

Useful Information:

  • All locks and lifting bridges are manned by lock-keepers, with breaks for lunch and tea (usually 12:00 -13:00 and 16:15-17:15). You need to pay a small charge (€1.50 - €2.50) to pass through the locks
  • There are plenty of marinas for shore power, facilities and canal-side-moorings. (Small charges may apply)
  • Visit Amsterdam by taking a train from moorings at Weesp, or moor opposite Amsterdam Central Station and use the free 24-hours ferry to the city centre

Suggested Cruises from our 2 cruiser bases in Holland

Cruiser Boat Holidays from Woudsend

Woudsend is a charming city. Downtown, along the canal banks, you can stroll and admire the colourful houses or eat in one of the numerous restaurants. Woudsend is the centre of the Friesland cruising region and a network of 12 towns

Woudsend - Sneek - Woudsend
Short Break Return Trip • 3 - 4 Days • 80km • 4 Locks • 9hrs

Take this mini-cruise deep into the Dutch countryside with its traditional windmills, quaint villages and warm friendly people!

Woudsend -Grouw -Lemmer-Woudsend
Depending on the route you choose:
Return Trip• 1 Week • 80 - 200km • 0 Locks • 10 - 25hrs

Smile and wave at passersby, typically on bikes, along the towpaths fronting the canals, and maybe do some cycling later in the day yourself!

Woudsend - Loosdrecht - Amsterdam - Strand Horst
Depending on the route you choose:
One Way • 10 - 14 Days • 160 - 200km • 4 - 6 Locks • 30 - 35hrs

Cruise towards Amsterdam through the best of Holland, guiding your boat past traditional windmills, through vibrant cities, fishing villages with quiet waterside cafés, and resorts where you can be pampered or enjoy watersports.

Cruiser Boat Holidays from Strand Horst

Strand Horst is a luxury resort with a Mediterranean atmosphere and lots of facilities on site. Windmills mark your route along the pretty Dutch landscape and thousands of ponds, lakes, brooks and canals flow in every direction. You soon find that boating is a way of life in Holland.

Strand Horst - Elburg - Spakenburg - Strand Horst
Depending on the route you choose:
Short Break Return Trip • 3 - 4 Days • 100km • 0 Locks • 10 - 15 Bridges • 12hrs

Set off from Marina Strand Horst and its luxury amenities on your canal cruise through the peaceful Dutch countryside. Head northward to picturesque Elburg with its charming village square, sampling the fare at waterfront cafés and browsing in the shops. Then cruise southward to Spakenburg to explore its museums and lovely old harbour.

Strand Horst - Amsterdam - Utrecht - Strand Horst
Return Trip • 1 Week • 180km • 4 Locks • 33hrs
View the Strand Horst - Utrecht out and back boating route in Google Maps

Start your Holland river cruise with a bit of pampering at the resort amenities of Marina Strand Horst, and then it’s off on the River Vecht to laid-back Spakenburg, cosmopolitan Amsterdam and historic Utrecht! You glide past the palatial riverfront homes and find yourself in more rural locales with traditional windmills and fields of colourful flowers.

Strand Horst - Amsterdam - Loosdrecht - Woudsend
Depending on the route you choose:
One Way • 10 - 14 Days • 160 - 200km • 4 - 6 Locks • 30 - 35hrs
(Same as Woudsend to Strand Horst above)

Rivers, lakes and canals lace Holland through low flat fields of green studded with restored traditional windmills and picturesque towns. Paths along the waterways invite you tie up, grab the bike and explore Elburg, Joure and Akkrum, a few of the places en route!

Please note that hours suggested above are approximate


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