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Dog-Friendly boating holidays!

For many of us, our dogs are considered one of the family and are included in everything the family does.

Yet when it comes to jetting off on holidays, we often have to leave our beloved dogs behind. Whether this is because of getting your dog on a flight or hotels restricting whether you can bring pets along, there are so many obstacles to get past. When it comes to boating holidays, however, it’s a completely different ball game!

Booking a dog-friendly boating holiday means you can say goodbye to leaving your dog behind and welcome them along. We supply a huge selection of dog-friendly boats, allowing you to enjoy your holiday without thinking about how your dog is doing in a kennel or at home.

Dogs love being active and enjoy running along the tow path with you on your bikes, or enjoying a walk to nearby attractions. Always check out the local rules for dog walking and keep your dog on the lead when you need to. It’s extremely rare for a dog to jump off of a moving or stationary boat into the water – they’re a lot more clever than we may give them credit for! Experience has shown us that dogs simply enjoy exploring the boat, but it’s important to understand how your pet will react on the boat and to always keep an eye on its safety.

Dogs on a tow path Yorkshire Terrier enjoying attention on a boat

Dog enjoying life onboard a cruiser boat

Our top tips for bringing your dog on a boating holiday:

  1. Bring your dog’s favourite bed, water bowl and food bowl so they have all their home comforts. Don’t forget to bring toys to play with!
  2. Pack a spare towel in case your dog likes to go swimming. For the less capable dog swimmers, maybe invest in a doggy life vest.
  3. Whilst perfect for humans, boat decks can sometimes be a bit slippery for dog feet, so bring a non-slip mat to make them feel secure.
  4. Bring plenty of doggy waste bags for your holiday.
  5. Think about access onto the boat for your dog, so a boat with broad decks and level access may be best.

There are many perfect areas to take your dog, so have a look at our boating holidays on the Thames, in Scotland, or even France!

Relaxing on deck and enjoying the holiday sunshine with a furry companion