Aquitaine Boating Holidays

Aquitaine in south west France and nearby Bordeaux have many historical and gastronomic claims to fame. With scenery ranging from vine covered hillsides to lush woodland and orchards, a boating holiday in Aquitaine offers gourmet cruising in plentiful sunshine.

In this sunny region discover medieval market squares, fortified bastide towns, magnificent chateaux and famous vineyards.

Aquitaine Area Map

Enjoy superb restaurants and some of the finest wines and brandy.

In Aquitaine our four boat bases give many cruising options along the Garonne valley, the newly restored Baise river, or the lower River Lot.

From our cruiser boat base at Castelsarrasin, cruise to Montech to see its amazing boat lift, and reach Montauban an old fortified bastide town on the River Tarn.

Aquitaine - gastronomy and history

See floral Castelsarrasin then Moissac, with its aqueduct, world famous Abbey and cloisters.

The 13th century bastide town of Valance d’Agen has a popular weekly market.

At Agen there is a penichette base, a superb 23-arch Roman Aqueduct and art works by Goya and Sisley.

Further north you may cross the River Garonne with a pilot to explore the lower River Lot and its medieval villages and bastide towns,

Otherwise continue to Buzet on the River Baise, famous for its red wine, and on to our cruiser base at Le Mas d’Agenais.

South on the River Baise, wind your way through 65km of lush countryside into Gascony.

See beautiful Vianne, then Barbaste with its 10 arched Romanesque bridge, and Nerac, capital of the region with its Henry IV chateau ruins. Overlooking the river are shops, cafes and restaurants, making Nerac an ideal overnight stop.

From the quays of Condom casks of Armagnac brandy were shipped to Bordeaux.

See the Abbey of Flaran before reaching the end of your cruise at picturesque fortified Valence-sur-Baise, home to a penichette base.

The waterways of Aquitaine are an enjoyable way to explore the culture and gastronomy of this fascinating region of France.

Area Highlights

Highlights of the Aquitaine Region

  • Magnificent views from ancient hilltop villages
  • Medieval villages with delightful cobbled streets and timbered houses
  • World-famous wines
  • Local markets for foie gras
  • Moissac's famous Abbey and cloisters
Boating Holidays in Aquitaine

Useful Information:

  • Locks are automatic and free to use. Opening hours approx 09:00 - 18:00 depending on season; closed 12:30 - 13:30.

Customer Reviews

We really enjoyed the experience, being allocated a new boat only made it better. Perfect vacation for family with young children as we had all required facilities and space with us while moving through beautiful scenery and visiting lovely villages. Definitely something we recommend to others and will do again ourselves. Although we had a fairly large boat with only my wife and me we were able to move through locks very easily, experience and help from staff was always positive
MK - Le Mas d’Agenais to Montauban in South West France
We had a wonderful week on the boat in Aquitaine - everyone was really friendly and helpful and I can definitely recommend it to anyone thinking of a boating holiday - it's our second time with them (the last time was in The Netherlands) and we would definitely book with them again. Thank you to all the lovely people we met as we meandered through villages and towns along the canal.
JB – Les Mas d’Agenais and back in South West France
We were upgraded to a boat with a flying bridge for which we are grateful, it made everything much easier with only 2 of us on board. We are planning our next trip and would certainly book a boat like this.
GA – Valence sur Baise to Agen in South West France
Trip from Le Mas D'Agenais to Agen was spectacular.  The flight of locks to the canal across the Garronne superb.  We then returned to Le Mas and cruised up to Fontet where we visited the Matchstick Museum.  These are excellent. The viewpoint at Malehan was worth the climb.  Altogether a really lovely holiday
GH - Le Mas d’Agenais to Condom in South West France

Suggested cruises from our bases in Aquitaine

Aquitaine Boating Map

One way cruises are available between bases of the same colour.

View Routes from:

Boat Holidays from Agen

From our base at Agen on the Canal du Midi there is the great 549 metre long aqueduct with its 23 arches. At Moissac don't miss the 11th century abbey, a treasure of medieval art, then why not turn into the beautiful River Tarn to cruise towards Montauban.

Cruising the River Baise, you wind your way through 65km of lush and intimate countryside. Discover fortified towns, gentle hills and flowery meadows, and do some angling along the way.

Towns you visit include Vianne, Lavardac and Nérac, seat of the Albret family. Looking out from the Chateau of Henri IV, the quayside with its old workshops converted into restaurants makes a marvellous view.

Boat Search by Start Base

Start Base: Agen

One Way Routes

Agen - Vianne - Nerac - Condom - Valence sur Baise

One Way • 1 Week • 85km • 28 Locks • 2 hr 30 / day

Agen - Le Mas d'Agenais - Vianne - Nerac - Condom - Valence sur Baise

One Way • 1 Week • 127km • 36 Locks • 4 hr 30 / day

Out and Back Routes

Agen - Buzet - Le Mas d'Agenais - Castets en Dorthe - Agen

Return Trip • 1 Week • 171km • 36 Locks• 4 hr 45 / day

Agen - Buzet - Vianne - Nerac - Moncrabeau - Agen

Return Trip • 1 Week • 128km • 44 Locks • 4 hr 30 / day

Agen - Moissac - Castelsarrasin - Montauban - Montech - Agen

Return Trip • 1 Week • 128km • 46 Locks • 4 hr 30 / day

Agen - Moissac - Montech - Montauban - Toulouse - Agen

Return Trip • 10 / 11 Days • 225km • 74 Locks • 4 hr 45 / day

Agen - Le Mas d'Agenais - Nérac - Condom - Valence sur Baise - Agen

Return Trip • 10 / 11 Days • 212km • 64 Locks • 4 hr / day

Agen - Buzet - Valence sur Baise - Castets en Dorthe - Moissac - Agen

Return Trip • 2 Weeks • 371km • 94 Locks • 5 hr 30 / day

River Baise
Moissac Aqueduct

Boat Holidays from Valence sur Baise

From the quays of Condom the precious casks of Armagnac were shipped down to Bordeaux . See the Abbey of Flaran, a pearl of Cistercian art, before reaching the end of your cruise at Valence-sur-Baise.

North from Agen the Lower River Lot takes you 80km from Aiguillon to Villeneuve-sur-Lot and the centre of the medieval bastide country, as well as the plum orchards which produce the famous "Pruneaux". Spectacular scenery combines with medieval villages like Clairac and Castelmoron, with superb half-timbered houses. Casseneuil is a miniature Venice , and you shouldn't miss its church with splendid wall paintings. Villeneuve-sur-Lot and Penne-d'Agenais are good examples of the region's history and traditions.

Boat Search by Start Base

Start Base: Valence-sur-Baïse

One Way Routes

Valence sur Baise - Condom - Nerac - Vianne - Agen

One Way • 1 Week • 85km • 28 Locks • 2 hr 50 / day

Valence sur Baise - Condom - Nerac - Vianne - Le Mas d'Agenais - Damazan - Agen

One Way • 1 Week • 127km • 36 Locks • 4 hr 30 / day

Please note that to access the River Lot it is necessary to cross the River Garonne. This requires the services of a pilot at a cost of around €17.

Penichette Hire in Nerac

Please note that hours suggested above are approximate. If you wish to cruise on the River Lot towards Castelmoron you will need to cross the River Garonne under the guidance of a pilot. There is a small charge for this, but it may not be possible during periods of flood or drought.

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