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The Camargue is France’s sunniest region, combining open landscapes, traditional villages, walled crusader towns, modern resorts and ancient fishing ports.

The region is famous for its pink flamingos, black bulls and white horses, tended by the exotic local cowboys or ‘gardiens’. For miles only white sandy beaches separate the Mediterranean from the canals and lagoons that you cruise through.

Camargue Area Map

We offer five boat bases in the Camargue, with a number of one-way and out-and-back routes for both cruiser boats and Penichette boats. Perhaps enjoy the south of France sunshine on a late or early season Camargue boating holiday.

With only a few canal locks in the Camargue there is time to sunbathe or swim on the beaches, and spend unhurried evenings sampling the seafood and regional dishes such as bull casserole.

Camargue - a natural paradise in the sun

Close to our Port Cassafieres cruiser base at the western end of the Camargue is Agde, one of France's oldest towns.

From there enter the Etang (Lake) de Thau, with its oyster beds, wildlife and inviting ports such as Marseillan, home to the Noilly Prat vermouth cellars, and Bouziques, noted for its seafood.

At Sete join the Rhone to Sete Canal bordering the sandy beaches and modern seaside resorts such as Palavas-les-Flots, Carnon and stylish La Grande-Motte. Close by is our penichette base at Lattes, on the outskirts of Montpellier.

Rising above the lagoons and salt fields is the medieval walled town of Aigues Mortes, the port from which the Crusaders set sail. With convenient moorings just outside the town walls, this unspoilt fortified town is a highlight of any Camargue cruise.

Gateway to the Camargue, Saint Gilles has a splendid abbey church and is famous for its horses and bulls. Beaucaire has a maze of medieval alleys. Saint Gilles has a cruiser boat base and is close to historic Arles, Nimes and Avignon.

A cruise in the Camargue offers sunshine and a never to be forgotten variety of experiences.

Area Highlights

Highlights of the Camargue Region

  • Most days of sunshine in the whole of France
  • Lock free cruising on the Etang de Thau
  • Great beach resorts
  • Ancient ports, historic towns and fishing villages
  • Camargue is the only nesting place for flamingos in the whole of france
  • Wonderful apéritifs Muscat de Frontignan and Noilly Prat at Marseillan
  • Great seafood restaurants serving local specialities
Aigues Mortes

Useful Information:

  • The Camargue region is perfect for anyone new to cruising or simply looking for an easy cruising experience.
  • You are advised to moor in the harbours at night as passing larger barges could pull you away from makeshift moorings.

Customer Reviews

We had a fantastic holiday, the Camargue is a wonderful part of the world and doing it by boat gave us a chance to see sites we probably would not have seen. Great holiday and definitely use Blue Water Holidays again. AS
St Gilles - St Gilles
I would like to say that we had a fantastic time on the holiday. I can speak for all of us and say that we found the boats extremely well appointed and very comfortable. The cruising was excellent and the help at the pick up office was brilliant, as was the help at the drop off. I can't think of anything we didn't like. We all want to cruise the canals again and would come back to you guys for your excellent service.
MC – Port Cassafieres to Beaucaire in Southern France
Really enjoyed our holiday from Lattes to Argens. We half followed the recommended stops, half followed our noses and stopped when we found a nice stop-over. The boat was great, the staff were friendly and informative, the whole trip very relaxing and fun.
RN – Lattes to Argens in Southern France
Went from Port Cassfaieres to St Gilles, excellent route varied scenery, beaches easily accessible, plenty of fishing and wildlife.
MC – Port Cassfaieres to St Gilles in Southern France
We travelled from St Gilles as far as Vias before turning around. There were a number of very nice towns en route, particularly, Aiges Morte and the towns on the Etang - there were also areas of natural beauty with mosquitoes big enough to lift you out the boat and carry you away! Overall we enjoyed the trip - it was certainly different from our previous experiences on the Midi, Loch Ness and Loch Derg.
AW – St Gilles and back in Southern France
We thought the Camargue was wonderful, definitely will be going again ASAP. Can't wait to do it again.
HW - St Gilles out and back in Southern France
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Suggested cruises from our bases in Camargue

Camargue Boating Map

One way cruises are available between bases of the same colour.

Boat Holidays from Lattes

Lattes is located just outside Montpellier and is the departure base for itineraries along the beautiful Canal du Rhone a Sete through the breathtaking landscape of the Petite Camargue. Lattes is situated next to the River Lez and the majority of the population live on the left bank in the business district. The Pond of Mejean in the south is home to a variety of bird species and stunning scenery.

Boat Search by Start Base

Start Base: Lattes

One Way Routes

Lattes - Aigues Mortes - Frontignan - Sete - Le Somail - Argens (or vice versa)

One Way • 1 Week • 185km • 16 Locks • 4 hr / day

Starting from Lattes, on the outskirts of Montpellier, you will cruise close to the Mediterranean beaches, in an area of amazing bird, animal and plant life. Enjoy the bathing at Palavas les Flots. At the edge of the sand and the sea stands the Cathedral of Maguelonne, while in the seaport of Sète canals crisscross the picturesque old town.

From Lattes you can head instead along the Canal du Rhône à Sète: proudly rising above the lagoons and salt flats of the Midi is the ancient walled town of Aigues Mortes, the port from which the Crusaders set sail. This is a fascinating place to visit, with boat moorings just outside the city wall. In the "Petite" Camargue you can visit the typical fishing village of Le Grau du Roi, Saintes-Maries de- la-Mer, the splendid abbey church of St-Gilles and Beaucaire with its great keep looking down on a maze of medieval alleys.

Lattes - Aigues Mortes - Frontignan - Sete - Beziers - Narbonne - Argens (or vice versa)

One Way • 10 / 11 Days • 202km • 39 Locks • 3 hr 30 / day

Lattes - Aigues Mortes - Frontignan - Sète - Beziers - Carcassonne - Castelnaudary - Negra

One Way • 2 Weeks • 300km • 62 Locks • 4 hr 30 / day

Out and Back Routes

Lattes - Bouzigues - Marseillan - Agde - Lattes

Return Trip • 1 Week • 108km • 8 Locks • 4 hr / day

Lattes - Aigues Mortes - Beaucaire - Fourques - Mas des Baumelles - Lattes

Return Trip • 1 Week • 186km • 4 Locks • 3 hr 30 / day

Lattes - Aigues Mortes - Bouzigues - Agde - Beziers - Lattes

Return Trip • 10 / 11 Days • 202km • 16 Locks • 3 hr 30 / day

Lattes - Aigues Mortes - Bouzigues - Marseillan - Agde - Beziers - Argens - Lattes

Return Trip • 2 Weeks • 316km • 34 Locks • 4 hr 00 / day

Aigues Mortes
City Walls of Aigues Mortes

Boat holidays from Port Cassafieres

Port-Cassafières is a pleasant and peaceful harbour to stop, complete with cycling paths. Its proximity to Spain gives it some interesting flourishes in cuisine, architecture and culture and as a result it is a truly cosmopolitan spot to explore.

Boat Search by Start Base

Start Base: Port Cassafieres

One Way Routes

Port Cassafieres - St Gilles (or vice versa)

One Way • 1 Week • 98km • 2 Locks • 20hrs

Enjoy lake cruising on the Étang de Thau, with its fish farms, marshland and teeming birdlife - a nature lover’s paradise. For contrast, visit medieval Aigues-Mortes, historic Adge and the vibrant and lively resort city of Sète.

Out and Back Routes

Port Cassafieres - Aigues Mortes - Port Cassafieres

Return Trip • 1 Week • 168km • 4 Locks • 30hrs

Cruise to beach resorts and across the beautiful lake Etang de Thau, admiring birdlife and hopefully catching glimpse of the wild horses of the Camargue. Visit the historic towns of Marseillan and Frontignan on the way to the medieval walled city of Aigues-Mortes.

Camargue Boat Hire

Boat holidays from St Gilles

The city owes its name to the famous Father Gilles Hermit. It was one of the most important places for Christian pilgrimage in the twelfth century. Visit Saint-gilles and its exceptional heritage, like the abbey of the twelfth century, the old crypt, and the romanesque museum.

Boat Search by Start Base

Start Base: St Gilles

One Way Routes

St Gilles - Port Cassafieres (or vice versa)

One Way • 1 Week • 98km • 2 Locks • 20hrs

Cruise from St Gilles, the gateway to the Camargue, reknowned for its horses and bulls. With few locks, this route allows plenty of time for swimming and sunbathing on Mediterranean beaches. Visit the modern resorts of La Grande-Motte, Carnon, Palavas-les-Flots and enjoy the local cuisine of seafood, fish soup and the famous bull casserole.

Out and Back Routes

St Gilles - Etang de Thau - St Gilles

Round Trip • 1 Week • 146km • 0 Locks • 26hrs

A perfect cruise to see rich and varied wildlife in the Camargue, or swim or laze on the beach. Enjoy the contrast between ancient Aigues-Mortes and the busy modern Mediterranean ports. Visit Bouzigues on the Etang de Thau for a dish of fresh oysters.

St Gilles - Aigues Mortes - Palavas-les-Flots

Short Break Return Trip • 3 - 4 Days • 100km • 0 Locks • 12hrs

Relax on a short break with no locks, sip a cool cocktail at the resort of Palavas-les-Flots, or enjoy a refreshing swim in the Mediterranean. Climb the ramparts of the medieval city of Aigues-Mortes and admire the views.

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Bellegarde - Etang de Thau - Bellegarde

Return • 7 Days • 72km • 0 Locks • 28 hrs

Bellegarde - Palavas-les-Flots - Bellegarde

Return • 4 Days • 122km • 0 Locks • 15 hrs 30

Bellegarde - Aigues-Mortes - Bellegarde

Return • 3 Days • 72km • 0 Locks • 12 hrs