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Italy Boating Holidays

Discover Venice, one of the world’s most beautiful cities, from your very own boat as you can cruise the Venice lagoon in the sunshine of Italy.

Visit unforgettable St Mark’s Square and its famous basilica, the Doges’ Palace and the Bridge of Sighs. Take a gondola through Venice on the Grand Canal and glide under the Rialto Bridge.

Then stroll through the maze of narrow streets and discover vibrant markets, ornate palaces, serene churches and exclusive boutiques.

Our penichette base at Chioggia is at the southern gateway to the lagoon. Known for its amazing fishmarket, it is linked by bridges to the mainland. From here follow the buoyed channels to Venice.

Separated from the sea by a narrow sandy coastal strip, the Venice lagoon contains untouched landscapes and picturesque villages on your route from Chioggia.

Arriving in Venice moor at one of the public berths or a private marina on the nearby islands and take a water taxi to the heart of Venice. You can then explore the delights of this unique city.

Cruise and explore the romance of Venice

You continue north in the lagoon to romantic islands - Murano with its glass workshops, Burano with its lacemakers and quaint leaning tower, and Torcello with its imposing cathedral.

Our cruiser boat base at Casale, about 4 hours from Venice, is on the River Sile towards the charming city of Treviso, full of art, museums and restaurants. Our other cruiser base at Precenicco is close to the Adriatic coast north of Venice and its beaches. It is a two-week one-way trip between Casale and Precenicco

Leaving the Venice lagoon you can extend your cruise up the canalised River Brenta to the historic city of Padua. Enjoy delightful countryside cruising past impressive summer villas of Venetian nobility.

On the Adriatic sea side of the Venice lagoon are famous resorts such as Jesolo, with its 11km of fine beaches. A perfect place to relax in the sunshine.

South of the Venice lagoon is our cruiser base at Porto Levante. Offering one-way trips to Casier, it is close to the Po Delta nature reserve. This vast National Park offers beautiful scenery and birdlife at the entrance to the Po River.

The Venice region offers a wealth of waterways with many itinerary choices. Around each corner, beneath each bridge, is a different landscape.

The Venice lagoon is busy with boats, water buses and ships of all sizes. We therefore recommend cruising in this area for those with some boating experience. For less experienced boaters are Flotilla holidays in Venice, accompanied by a Host who will oversee boats in the flotilla group and organise the trip. Operates on selected dates - please contact us for details.

Area Highlights

Highlights of Italy

  • Venice, its lagoon and the islands of Burano, Murno and Torcello
  • One-way trips between our bases
  • St Mark's Square and St Mark's Cathedral
  • River Sile from Casale base
  • River Brenta to Padua via Venetian gentry summer house
  • Adriatic beach resorts - Jesolo, Grado, Carole, Bibione
A cruiser boat on the lagoon of Venice

Useful Information:

  • All the locks and lifting bridges on the Venetian Lagoon and surrounding rivers/canals are automatic. The navigable channel is marked by wooden posts
  • You can only moor in designated areas. Moor in public mooring places and take a Vaporetto (water bus) to popular tourist destinations in the Lagoon. Exclusive private moorings are available with a compulsory supplement of £70/80 euro for one-week out and back cruises from Casale. Public moorings and marinas are more widely available in the northern Lagoon
  • The Venetian Lagoon can be busy with boats, water taxis and cruise ships, so some previous boating experience would be advisable

Customer Reviews

The boat was stunningly clean and the staff were very helpful. We really enjoyed the trip and the Locaboat base locations where we could stay for free were perfect, that was a real bonus. We had a wonderful time. We never felt we were out of touch with information about our booking, queries were always answered efficiently. JU - Chiggia - Chioggia
We thought this was a wonderful way to see the Venice Lagoon, and would have no hesitation recommending you to others. We may do a boat trip next year or year after in the South of France. DM - Chioggia - Chioggia
Fantastic holiday, great to have the moorings available at various stages of our route - couldn't have been better. We were a party of 10 and would love to do it again as a group or as individual families.
MK – Casale Sul Sile and back in Italy
We stayed at Casier for the first night, then Mazzorba, next to Burano, stopped at St Erasmo for groceries, very good place to stock up on water as well. Then we stayed at Vignole for the night, found it a bit hard to find the base, but finally did. 2 nights at Chioggia, would definitely recommend that as a stop for anyone boating the Venice Islands. We were going to stay at Malamocco for a night, but got ripped off in a Trattoria, so decided to move on to St Erasmo, very friendly people and helpful. Last night at Porto Casale sul Sile before sailing back to the base. Wonderful holiday, extremely well organised especially by your group, not one hitch. Will do it again and recommend you to our friends. With thanks.
WH – Casale and back in Italy
I will certainly look to you again for cruiser hire. Thank you for a most enjoyable holiday.
TW - Casier to Porto Levante in Italy

Suggested Cruises from our bases in Italy near Venice

Italy Boating Map

Boat Holidays from Casale sul Sile

Casale-sul-Sile is a beautiful town on the River Sile close to Treviso and its airport. It is short distance through the natural park around the river to the Venice lagoon.

One Way Routes

Casale - Venice - Caorle - Precenicco

One Way • 1 Week • 150km • 6 Locks • 6 Bridges • 25hrs

This cruise follows the gentle rivers north of the islands in the Venetian Lagoon and the seaside canal just inland from golden beaches on the blue Mediterranean. Enjoy a laid-back boating holiday spent swimming, sunbathing, playing golf and enjoying the many amenities of Jesolo, Caorle and Bibione on the Adriatic coast.

Out and Back Routes

Casale - Venice - Casale

Short Break Return Trip • 4 Days • 80-120km • 2 Locks • 15hrs

Guide your floating villa down the River Sile to Venice, taking in the impressive sight of St Mark’s Square, and then venture off to the Venetian islands - Murano and its glassblowers, Burano and its laceworks.

Casale - Islands of the Venetian Lagoon

Return Trip • 1 Week • 140km • 2 Locks • 22hrs

This route gives more time to discover Venice with its historic sites, chic shops and fascinating restaurants. Visit the lagoon islands or cruise the Brenta River and see the palatial villas of Italy’s rich and famous along the river. Maybe continue to historic Padua, with its art treasures and busy squares.

Canal Houses in Torcello
View from the tower of Torcello

Boat Holidays from Chioggia

The beautiful fishing town of Chioggia, located on the southern tip of the Venice Lagoon, is linked by bridges to the mainland. Often called “Little Venice”, it has a popular fish market, several museums and an impressive cathedral, rebuilt in the 17th century.

Other sights include the Corso del Popolo in the heart of the town, the Church of Saint Andrew with its magnificent belltower and the neo-gothic style Palace of the Granaio Pubblico. Chioggia is a popular base on itineraries exploring the beautiful islands of the Venetian Lagoon, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Out and Back Routes

Chioggia - Venice and its Islands - Jesolo - Pontegrandi - Chioggia

Return Trip • 1 Week • 143km • 2 Locks • 2 Lifting Bridges • 3 hr / day

Chioggia - Venice and its Islands - Silea - Treviso - Chioggia

Return Trip • 1 Week • 160km • 4 Locks • 3 Lifting Bridges • 3 hr 30 / day

Chioggia - Venezia - Comacchio - Cavallino - Jesolo - Marano - Grado - Chioggia

Return Trip • 10 / 11 Days • 210km • 2 Locks • 8 Lifting Bridges • 3 hr 30 / day

Chioggia - Adria - Governolo - Mantoue - Castelmassa - Ferrare - Chioggia

Return Trip • 10 / 11 Days • 326km • 15 Locks • 3 hr / day

Chioggia - Venice and its Islands - Jesolo - Caorle - Grado - Marano - Pontegrandi - Silea - Treviso - Chioggia

Return Trip • 2 Weeks • 344km • 10 Locks • 10 Lifting Bridges • 3 hr 30 / day

Chioggia - Adria - Zelo - Governolo - Mantoue - Castelmassa - Ferrare - Seravalle - Bocasette - Chioggia

Return Trip • 2 Weeks • 378km • 17 Locks • 3 hr 30 / day

Arrival At Venice
Penichette Boat Hire in Venice

Boat Holidays from Precenicco

Precenicco is a town on the River Stella, with restaurants and bars in its medieval town centre. Cruise down the gentle River Stella to the seaside canal and Adraitic resorts.

One Way Routes

Precenicco - Caorle - Venice - Casale
(or vice versa)

One Way • 2 Weeks • 150km • 6 Locks • 6 Swing Bridges • 35hrs

Follow the seaside canal before diverting to Venice and its islands, then cruising on the River Sile back to Casale boat base near Treviso.

Out and Back Routes

Precenicco - Grado - Precenicco

Short Break Return Trip • 4 Days • 100km • 2 Locks • 16hrs

Enjoy a Venetian short break holiday in the fabulous Friuli region north of the city, cruising to the unspoilt barrier islands and relaxing on the golden beaches of the Adriatic resorts of Grado and Ligano.

Precenicco - Marano - Precenicco

Short Break Return Trip • 4 Days • 70km • 0 Locks • 12hrs

Precenicco - Marano - Caorle - Precenicco

Return Trip • 1 Week • 170km • 4 Locks • 22hrs

With extended time to boat in Italy, you travel southward down seaside canals in the Friuli region north of Venice. Stop at island towns, visit small museums, and enjoy the beaches and facilities of Adriatic resorts including Bibione, Caorle and Jesolo.

Please note that hours suggested above are approximate, and very dependent on which of the many possible routes are chosen. Because of the open nature of the Venice lagoon and the number of boats and ships using it we recommend these cruises to people with some boating experience.

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