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Boating Holidays in Poland

A navigation licence is required on the lakes in Poland except for residents of countries where a licence is not required (eg. UK, Denmark, Luxemburg, Ireland, Sweden, New Zealand, Australia)

Masuria in North East Poland is called the ’land of a thousand lakes’ - although there are as many as 4,000! They are connected by a network of rivers and canals whose pure waters are a delight for swimming.

Penichette and Europa boating holidays from our Poland base at Mikolajki

Fringed by great forests of pine, oak and silver birch the area is a nature-lover’s paradise, home to bison, elks, wild boar and beavers as well as a wide range of birds.

Lying between two of the largest lakes in this delightful area, our boat base at Mikołajki is perfect for exploring Poland’s waterways. This lively town is known as the 'Pearl of Masuria' - with welcoming bars, hotels and restaurants and shops selling the amber jewellery for which the region is famous. Other towns along your route have been visited for almost a hundred years for their boating, fishing and bathing. Many festivals and concerts are held during the summer months.

Mazuria was converted to Christianity by the Teutonic Knights in the 13th century. Their ruined castles can be seen on many hills, and especially at Gizycko, Worgorzeno and Ryn.

The small town of Wegorzewo on the shores of Lake Mamry is only 20km from the Russian border, an attractive place to visit for its many craft workshops.

A long sandy beach is at Ogonki 7km south-east. At Gizycko, the vast fortress of Fort Boyen stands as a reminder of Poland’s history.

Route Information

Holiday Routes
Gizycki Canal River Wegorapa Wegorzewo

Area Highlights

Highlights of Poland

  • Prussian Fortress around Giżycko
  • Teutonic castle in Ryn
  • Church of the Holy Trinity in Mikolajki
  • Castle Lehndorff
  • The Masurian Landscape Park
  • The ruins of Mamerki
  • Huge townhall in Pisz
  • Lake Niegocin
  • Gastronomy in Ruciane Nida
  • Lush woodland around Ogonki

Suggested boat holidays from our Penichette boat base in Poland

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Boat Holidays from Mikolajki

The small town of Milolajki is located near the largest lake of the Masurian Lake District and is often referred to as the ‘Pearl of the Masuria’. Despite being a popular place for tourists, Milolajki has preserved its charm. The harbour is a hive of activity in summer with hundreds of yachts. It’s name Mikolajki derives from Saint Nicholas, protector of sailors. From here, the Wildlife Park at Kadzidlowo is a must-see attraction. It is home to some rare endangered species and you can also see inside a beautifully restored traditional house.

Mikolajki - Gizycko - Wegorzewo - Szthnort - Zielony Gaj - Ryn - Mikolajki

Return Trip • 1 Week • 110km • 4 hr 00 / day

Mikolajki - Zielony Gaj - Ryn - Mikolajki - Okartowo - Pisz - Rucina - Mikolajki

Return Trip • 1 Week • 100km • 4 hr 00 / day

Mikolajki - Gizycko - Ogonki - Wegorzewo - Szthnort - Rydzewo - Ryn - Mikolajki - Ruciane - Pisz - Okartowo - Wierzba - Mikolajki

Return Trip • 2 Weeks • 200km • 4 hr 00 / day

Lake Mikolajki
Mikolajskie Lake
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